Back before the days of radar the acronym meaning "Radio Detection and Ranging" there were some pretty bizarre pieces of equipment used back in them days for acoustic aircraft localization systems, I have added the following for your interest as a comparison of just how far we have come in this field. 

                                 Nicola Tesla came up with the idea in 1917 by way of "standing electromagnetic waves"

 In 1897 Alexander Popov noticed whilst doing some rf related experiments he noticed an interference beat caused by a passing ship he stated in his notes "this phenomenon might be used for detecting objects" but he did nothing more with this observation.

In Albert Hoyt Taylor an electrical engineers discovered that when radio waves were broadcast at 60Mhz it was possible to determine the range and bearing of nearby ships, upon the Navy getting the information they done nothing with it and nothing more was done for the next 8 years.

In 1934 a Frenchman by the name of Émile Girardeau an engineer became the first person to patent the original system of frequencies that is used today, one of the first units being installed on the SS Normandie.

From there on in it is all history now up to the modern day where radar has developed to amazing capabilities a far cry from the early days of acoustic aircraft localization systems seen on this page and the next page link below.

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