TS140S-680S_serv.rar TS140S-680S_serv.rar
Size : 8876.129 Kb
Type : rar

                  TS 140S AND 680S service manual in one

TS-480 in- depth manual.rar TS-480 in- depth manual.rar
Size : 2271.984 Kb
Type : rar

   An in- depth manual on the TS 480 series of transceivers 

TS-570 Service manual.rar TS-570 Service manual.rar
Size : 3004.446 Kb
Type : rar

                       Kenwood TS 570 D service manual

TS830_maint_DL9AI.rar TS830_maint_DL9AI.rar
Size : 672.788 Kb
Type : rar

   TS 830 Maintenance and survival guide thanks to DL9AI

Kenwood-TS-850-instruction-manual.rar Kenwood-TS-850-instruction-manual.rar
Size : 3506.249 Kb
Type : rar

                             TS 850S instruction manual

Kenwood_TS-870S_Mods1_Schematic.rar Kenwood_TS-870S_Mods1_Schematic.rar
Size : 2586.521 Kb
Type : rar

Making a super radio out of TS-870 mods sheet Thanks to KB2LJJ

TS950SDX_user.rar TS950SDX_user.rar
Size : 2328.557 Kb
Type : rar

                Kenwood TS 950 SDX instructions manual

ts2000_manual.rar ts2000_manual.rar
Size : 2691.354 Kb
Type : rar

                    Kenwood TS 2000 instruction manual

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