The Japanese Kana code has always fascinated me from the first time i heard it on 15Mtx where it seems to be very common place there more so then on 40Mtx where i have heard it only occasionally "Kana" is also known as Wabun code.                                                                                                 

     Kana or Wabun is sort of a mix between the commonly used International code (OUBUN) we are all familiar with  and Japanese text, I would love to learn it but of course you need to have an understanding of the Japanese language to make   any sense of it. 

                               Dah dit dit dah dah dah "DO"

You may have heard code to the left being sent before around the bands somewhere and wondered what it was? this is "DO" the code sent at the beginning of a Kana passage or when changing from International code over to Kana code.

                                   Dit dit dit dah dit (SN)

The code to the left is "SN" and used in Kana as a way to let the other station know they are changing from Kana back to International code, it is also sent as a correction or error in Kana, because i become so used to hearing it when chatting with JA's on 15 it has rubbed off on me and still too this day use it as an error signal.

                                                                                           Kana Punctuations 

Dash -

Period . 

Comma ,

Opening bracket ( 

Closing bracket ) 

                                                                               The history of the Kana code

Wabun Code was famously used to transmit the message "NIITAKA-YAMA NOBORE 12 08" on December 2, 1941, signalling the go-ahead of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, to be continued as there is very little information on the net on this subject.

                     Educational and amusing talk on deciphering WW2 Japanese Morse code transmissions by the allies

A very interesting lecture on Kana. The above clip is "Decoding Japanese Morse part 1, if you are interested there are another 6 parts very interesting including Chinese pictographs/ ideograms.


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