If you would like a pic of your shack on this page don't  hesitate to email me the pic and all station info equipment etc and i will put it on for you. 

                                                          VK4VFX Stu's Station, It is important not to run short on grog.

VK4VFX Stu's old Station about 17 yrs ago, I built the cabinet and table done in the nice white marble tiles, at the rear of the cabinet I fitted a ducting system, rigs are IC 751 X 2 cannot remember what the 2m rig is? Kenwood ?, the rig on the top shelf  (P.O.S) is a TS 180 Kenwood dodgy deals special!

                            VK2MOR Cleave's Station, is an Icom 746 pro/ Yaesu FT 950/ Icom2820 vhf/ uhfAudio gear is                                                            Behringer 1002 fx mixer and mic is PR 780, also a Shark dsp 110 feed back destroyer. 

VK2FAD Johnno's shack consists of Yaesu FT950 (Top) Yaesu SP8, Icom IC775DSP (Bottom) W2IHY 8 Band Equalizer and EQ  Plus, Icom IC706  MK2G, Yaesu FRG-7 Communications receiver (Top shelf) Icom   IC7400 (Middle) Speakers Yaesu SP102 and Icom SP23.

VK2FAD Johnno's Sulfur crest Cockatoo Buddy who was rescued by John and his wife as a fledgling, like most of us we have all come across these birds at some stage but this one is different they all have their own personality's this one is a real character and does not continually make that annoying screeching sound, Buddy enjoys time out in the shack with Johnno and can get quite vocal at times especially when the band opens up, ya cant help but love the little bloke :-)

VK2GHM Harry's Shack consists of the TS 850s, TS520s Kenwood', Yaesu FL 2100z linear, an Alinco for 2Mtx and an MFJ tuner!!


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