Yagi brochure.pdf Yagi brochure.pdf
Size : 251.063 Kb
Type : pdf


Transmitting Loop Antenna.pdf Transmitting Loop Antenna.pdf
Size : 216.465 Kb
Type : pdf

Transmitting Loop Antenna for the 40M Band tnx to N7ZWY

Rotary dipole TZ-34 Rev B.pdf Rotary dipole TZ-34 Rev B.pdf
Size : 285.783 Kb
Type : pdf

TZ-RD-34 30m/40m Rotary Dipole Installation Manual tnx to RippleTech Electronics

LimitedSpaceAntennasPPT.pdf LimitedSpaceAntennasPPT.pdf
Size : 8279.898 Kb
Type : pdf

Wire Antennas For Limited space. tnx to K9YC

GA.pdf GA.pdf
Size : 302.71 Kb
Type : pdf

Garden Antennas, tnx to DX Engineering 

Short Vertical Antennas Some thoughts for an 80m-Band Vertical tnx to AE5DA

Stealth_Antennas.pdf Stealth_Antennas.pdf
Size : 640.436 Kb
Type : pdf

Stealth Antennas, tnx to WMØG

40 m & short 80m  Antenna -  G8ODE iss 1.2.pdf 40 m & short 80m Antenna - G8ODE iss 1.2.pdf
Size : 686.771 Kb
Type : pdf
The 40m-short 80m antenna + 160m, tnx to G8ODE and VK5AH
manual.pdf manual.pdf
Size : 1006.13 Kb
Type : pdf

Hi-Q™ Series HF Mobile Antennas Instruction Manual tnx to W6HIQ, (VE7BOC/W6, HA5CMG, VA7HIQ)

QRP End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler.pdf QRP End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler.pdf
Size : 132.66 Kb
Type : pdf
A 40m through 17m Mini End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler tnx to AA5TB

antennas-and-physics.pdf antennas-and-physics.pdf
Size : 20.881 Kb
Type : pdf

Antennas and Physics tnx to HB9ABX

May 2009 pgm, eznec.pdf May 2009 pgm, eznec.pdf
Size : 3415.345 Kb
Type : pdf

EZNEC Antennas for Home & Field Day, tnx to KF6T

An Overview of the Underestimated Magnetic Loop HF Antenna tnx to VK5KLT

ARRL 0802 80 Meter Loop.pdf ARRL 0802 80 Meter Loop.pdf
Size : 689.709 Kb
Type : pdf

A Horizontal Loop for 80-Meter DX, tnx to VE2CV

K5GP_broadband_80_meter_antenna.pdf K5GP_broadband_80_meter_antenna.pdf
Size : 1817.943 Kb
Type : pdf

A Broadband 80/160 Meter Dipole tnx to K5GP

antenna_halfsquare_broadband.pdf antenna_halfsquare_broadband.pdf
Size : 87.196 Kb
Type : pdf

Broadbanding the Half-Square Antenna for 80-Meter DXing tnx to N6LF

7580VA-1-Rev1a.pdf 7580VA-1-Rev1a.pdf
Size : 2667.161 Kb
Type : pdf

75 and 80 Meter Thunderbolt™ Monoband Vertical Antenna manual tnx to DX Engineering

PDV.pdf PDV.pdf
Size : 293.093 Kb
Type : pdf

Phased Double V Antenna for 75/80 Meter Band tnx to VE3MLB

dual_core_balun_construction_project.pdf dual_core_balun_construction_project.pdf
Size : 998.241 Kb
Type : pdf

4:1 Balun Project Kit, tnx to AE6YC

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