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I used to own the Yaesu FT 990AC but sold it recently and like anyone that has owned a 990 I regret selling it and kinda miss it but at least it has gone to a good home and not become a receiver or a wx stn, its new owner uses it on a regular  basis and that's what these rigs love is work!                                                            

New rig I have now (but unfortunately sold for nix) is the FT 1000MP original model as in the first one, I had the pleasure of owning one of these back in 1999 although I didn't use it much at all as my interest in Amateur radio was pretty much zero and I was far to busy and really didn't want to buy it i sold it off as nothing annoys me more than equipment laying about idle collecting dust and depreciating in value.

It has now come back again (and gone again) and although it is a beautiful transceiver I still like my old 990 it was a loyal old thing, the MP has a superb receiver with good selectivity just as good as the 990, all cw functions are nice and being able to adjust the weight is an added bonus the 990 didn't have, the tunable noise blankers seem to suffer inter-modulation distortion but i have found by experimenting you can get rid of it pretty much by turning the nb control fully counter clockwise or was it clockwise? cant remember, anyway it works for me on my rig.

My station (used to) consists of a Yaesu FT 1000MP, MD100 desk mic, I have recently upgraded my antenna system to an off center fed dipole (OCF) that performs extremely well up at around 50 ft and have been getting some very good results I am well over due to put up something at least half decent as the antennas I had up prior were well and truly past their use by date as a result of water and corrosion.

My station is located in Jimboomba Queensland in the south eastern corner of the state, the word Jimboomba is an Aboriginal word (native indigenous Australian) word meaning "a place of thunder" "a place where the thunder ends" Jimboomba has a population of around 4500 people and is 42m above sea level, I am on six acres of relatively level ground and part of my antenna passes over the dam.

My preferred bands are 40 & 15 mtx , unfortunately I have no resonant antenna for 15 mtx as I thoroughly enjoy that band on cw (when its open) on 40 mtx I can usually be found on 7075 Khz ssb I don't usually move from that freq, or I could be found down in the cw portion of the band where all the YB ssb qrm can be found especially 7.0 :-) 

Below is an antenna designed by Pete vk2pv, he has provided me with an easily followed and well drawn up plan and this antenna performs extremely well, tnx Pete, Cleave vk2mor also uses the same antenna with good results.
The Bencher I use for cw (below) this is not a pic of the actual paddle mine started off life as the cheaper chrome model and a friend done it in 24 ct hard plate gold for me, update!! it has now been reduced to a worthless paper weight due to being dropped on the floor and has lost its beautiful action, after 20 odd years of using this paddle no amount of straightening will bring back it's exact feel.
The Bencher I used to use: The one below has gold contact posts, paddle arms, tension spring, spring post and pivot arm bearing assembly where mine has gold base only, all the same they are a very nice precise paddle with a beautiful action (well it used to be) i am now in the market for a new key and have a few in mind but at present it is not a priority --------------------

                                                                                     The Vibroplex Iambic deluxe 

こんにちは私がcwに15mバンドの前に多くの年、私取り組んだ私の日本の友人に15mのために別の八木を得ることを望みなさい私があなたの国とのqsoが40mのよい点Stu de vk4vfxの私を捜す6000にcwの日本の場所との

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